Premium Pioneer Yellow Maize with Low Starch Content

We produce one of the best yellow maize grain in Ghana and that has made us the preferred farm for sourcing by most enduring players. We have purposefully cultivated non- GMO yellow maize of pioneer variety, primarily for its nutritional superiority and low starch content.

Our Seed maize is sourced from certified and well known seed producers. Production of our Maize is done under the best agronomic practices to ensure maximum potential yields. We have always used ISO certified fertilizers and pesticides ensuring long term product safety for ultimate consumers.

Yellow Maize from Mid-west Ghana

Harvesting is done at 12% moisture content with state of the art combined harvesters which ensures utmost cleanliness of our final product. Post- Harvest Contamination is minimized from less manual handling and very short temporary storage periods, as our off-takers are ready to pick the maize immediately after harvest. Our faithful off-takers have always had the best from us.

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idan maize

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