Who We Are

Idan Agro Limited started business operations as a sole proprietorship legally registered in 2007 and converted to a limited liability company in 2022. Starting with 50 smallholder farmers, the business has grown its smallholder farmer to 1,502 under its out-grower scheme as of the 2022 farming season. The business has also grown its commercial farms from 10 acres to 2,050 over the same period.

Smallholder farmers who participate in Idan Agro’s out-grower scheme are supported with land preparation services such as ploughing; input services such as fertilizer and agrochemicals; and harvesting services such as threshing and cleaning. These services are provided to smallholder farmers on credit and repayment is made in kind after harvest. Additionally, the smallholder farmers are provided with free agronomic training (pre and post-harvest management) and financial literacy training to help them improve their yield and manage their income. Idan Agro also provides access to market to its out-growers and other smallholder farmers by aggregating from them. Idan Agro makes tremendous impact in the lives of the smallholder farmers it engages.

Core Values

Food Safety
Environmental Sustainability
Commitment & Passion
Value Creation

1. Use of nationally certified agro-inputs.
2. Use of nationally certified seeds.
3. Adherence to see if agronomic practices
4. Comply with requirements of state and international regulatory authorities
5. Train and supervise our groceries to adhere to safe agronomic practices

  1. Planting of vegetation across slopes to control erosion
  2. Immediate planting of cover crops on bare ground
  3. Practicing no-till agriculture, where practicable
  4. Safe disposal of waste including farm equipment oils

Continuously support Smallholder farmers in rural Communities with the aim of improving their economic well-being.
Champion the cause of agribusiness for sustainable job creation and economic development.

1. Serve as the reliable market for suppliers.
2. Operate effectively to produce wholesome and nutritious grains to buyers and end-users.
3. Utilise Resources to enhance the rewards of stuff.
4. Operate efficiently to return adequate profits to investors and shareholders


Idan Agro Ltd's vision is to become the leading agribusiness in West Africa that supports the most impactful network of smallholder farmers and provides the most significant contribution to food safety and food security in the sub-region.


Idan Agro Ltd.’s mission is to “demonstrate sustainable commercial agribusiness in the maize, rice and soy value chains and to create social value and make the necessary impact on the lives of smallholder farmers by creating access to market, access to input credit and helping them increase yield and income through efficient cultivation and harvesting support enabled by technology and sound agronomic practices, resulting in quality grains and increased income for smallholder farmers.

Joseph Abazaami. PhD

Board Chair

Dr. Joseph Abazaami is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the University for Development Studies (UDS), Ghana. He provides technical assistance to governmental and non-governmental establishments on a consultancy basis in subject matters such as evaluations, baselines studies and training. He has consulted extensively for the Government of Ghana and numerous international organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Action Aid Ghana, CARE International etc. He holds PhD in Spatial Planning from the University of Dortmund, Germany and MSc in Development Planning and Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Non-Executive Board Member

Dr. Patience Aseweh Abor is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management, University of Ghana Business School. She has considerable teaching, research, leadership and management experience in higher education with research focus areas on Marketing, Management, Leadership and Governance. She has published extensively in a number of internationally recognised journals, such as Journal of Business Ethics; Journal of International Management; International Journal of Social Economics; Journal of Medical Marketing; International Journal of Health focusing Governance; Journal of Health Organization and Management; Leadership in Health Services Journal; amongst others. She holds a PhD in Management from University of Southampton, UK; MPhil in Health Services Management from University of Ghana; and Master of Technology in Environmental Health from Cape Penisula University of Technology, South Africa.

Isaac Papanko Founder And Managing Director

Has over eighteen years (18) years’ work experience and has been with the company since inception. He holds a degree in Biological Sciences from KNUST, an MED in Health Education from the University of Cape Coast, a certificate in Business Advocacy from BUSAC

Timothy Alon Issifu Fari Operations Manager

Has over eight (8) years’ experience out of which the last five (5) years has been with Idan Agro. He holds a degree in Health Science Education from the University for Development

King Wisdom Jawol Business Development Manager

Has over fourteen (14) years’ work experience. He holds an MBA in Strategic Management and Consultancy and degree in Agribusiness Management

Moses Akuka Accountant

A Chartered Accountant with over seventeen (17) years’ experience in accounting and financial reporting. He also has Masters in Business Administration (Finance)